500+ Attendees | 20+ Speakers | 35+ Companies Attending

Pathways returns to bring together creatives and businesses to discuss the future trends and employment opportunities in film and media production, animation, visual effects, gaming, digital media, public relations, and photography.

Join us online for this exciting networking event as industry experts explore the latest challenges and opportunities in the creative industries.

Companies at Pathways 2021

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Central Themes

Industry insight

- Hear from creative industries experts on the latest opportunities

Future skills

- Gain awareness of future trends and skillsets

Your pathway

- Start to think about your future in the creative industries


Will Rowson

Channel 4

Emma Wilkinson

Journalist, editor, lecturer

Dan Broadbent

Objective Creative

Chris Dymond

Sheffield Digital

Dan Mason

Dan Mason Media

Graeme Tidd

SHU Enterprise

Alistair Maclean-Clark

Prox & Reverie

Saskia Wilson

Sheffield Hallam University

Jamie Sefton

Game Republic

Lily Canter

Journalist, Lecturer and Researcher

Joshua Holmes

Almost Black

Rachel Firth

Sheffield Hallam University

Thierry Ngutegure

Rise at Seven

Tom Scott

Little Mesters

Chandni Sembhi

TV content editor

Colin Pons

SHU / Studio of the North

Victoria Wood

The Wednesday Week

Matt Parker

Music Journalist

Carrie O'Lone

Finger Industries

Ana Chan

Joi Polloi

Lindsay Doyle Price

Mind Sheffield

Why attend ?

  • Explore - broaden your understanding and outlook of the creative industries

  • Discuss - engage with our expert panels in debates

  • Learn - hear about the latest developments and future for the creative industries

  • Connect - meet and build relationships with creative industries professionals

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